This is the true State-of-the-Art!

Amptek has developed a 70 mm² FAST SDD® Detector in a TO-8 package. This is the same package that is used with all Amptek detectors. This makes the 70 mm² a drop in replacement (same package, same pin-out, same voltages). Triple the count rate vs. the 25 mm² SDD with the same performance.


70 mm2 FAST SDD
Figure 1. 70 mm² FAST SDD mounted on a TO-8 header
  • 70 mm² active area collimated to 50 mm²
  • 123 eV FWHM resolution at 5.9 keV
  • Count rates > 2,000,000 CPS
  • High peak-to-background ratio – 26,000/1
  • Preamplifier Output Rise Time <60 ns
  • Windows: Be (0.5 mil) 12.5 µm, or C2 (Si3N4)
  • Radiation hard
  • Detector thickness 500 µm
  • TO-8 Package
  • Cooling ΔT>85 K
  • Multilayer Collimator


  • Ultra-fast benchtop and handheld XRF analyzers
  • Scanning/mapping of samples in an SEM as part of an EDS system
  • On-line process control
  • X-Ray Sorting Machines
  • OEM


Figure 2. 55Fe Spectrum taken with the 70 mm² FAST SDD® Detector

70 mm2 FAST SDD Carbon Spectrum EDS SEM

Figure 3. Carbon spectrum taken with the 70 mm² FAST SDD® and a C2 window in an SEM.

70 mm2 FAST SDD® Specifications

Detector TypeSilicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Detector Size70 mm2 - collimated to 50 mm2
Silicon Thickness500 µm
CollimatorInternal Multi Layer Collimator (ML)
Energy Resolution @ 5.9 keV (55Fe)123 - 135 eV FWHM at 4 µs peaking time
Peak to Background20,000:1 (ratio of counts from 5.9 keV to 1 keV) (typical)
Detector Window Options0.5 mil (12.5 µm) Be or C2 (Si3N4)
Charge Sensitive PreamplifierCMOS
Gain Stability<20 ppm/°C (typical)
XR-100FastSDD Case Size3.00 x 1.75 x 1.13 in (7.6 x 4.4 x 2.9 cm)
XR-100FastSDD Weight4.4 ounces (125 g)
Total Power<2 Watt
Warranty Period1 Year
Typical Device Lifetime5 to 10 years, depending on use
Operation conditions0°C to +50°C
Storage and ShippingLong term storage: 10+ years in dry environment
Typical Storage and Shipping: -20°C to +50°C, 10 to 90% humidity non condensing
TUV Certification
Certificate #: CU 72072412 02
Tested to: UL 61010-1: 2004 R7 .05
CAN/CSA-C22.2 61010-1: 2004
Preamp PowerXR100 configuration: ±8 V @ 15 mA with no more than 50 mV peak-to-peak noise
OEM configuration (PA210/230 or X-123): ±5 V
Detector Power-100 to -180 V @ 25 µA very stable <0.1% variation
Cooler PowerCurrent = 450 mA maximum, voltage = 3.5 V maximum with <100 mV peak-to-peak noise
Note: the XR-100FASTSDD includes its own temperature controller
Preamplifier Sensitivity3.6 mV/keV typical (may vary for different detectors)
Preamplifier PolarityPositive signal output (1 kohm maximum load)
Preamplifier Output Rise Time<60 ns
Preamplifier FeedbackReset
Temperature Monitor SensitivityVaries with configuration
When used with PX5, DP5, or X-123: direct reading in Kelvin through software.

Configurations & Options

The 70 mm2 FAST SDD is available with the standard Amptek options and OEM configurations.

PA-230 Housing X-123 FAST SDD Spectrometer with C2 Window, Vacuum Extender, and Feedthrough Coupling
The XR-100FAST SDD-70 with the PX5 The FAST SDD-70 with its preamplifier is available in several OEM configurations The X-123FAST SDD-70 configuration includes the detector, preamplifier, digital processor and power supplies all in one box The 70 mm2 FAST SDD is compatible with all Amptek vacuum accessories