SODIGAM is the only high-precision analytical software for scintillation spectrometers to use physically correct descriptions of background, baseline, and peakshapes as part of gamma-ray analysis.  It contains many of the features normally found in programs designed for the high-precision analysis of HPGe spectra, and allows users to run samples from within the DPPMCA software.


  • Fully automatic spectrum analysis (educational mode)
  • User-controlled peak analysis (hand analysis mode)
  • Batch file operation without user intervention (automatic routine analysis mode)
  • Compatible with the Gamma-Rad 5 gamma-ray detection system and TB-5 digital tube base, working equally well for NaI (Tl), BGO, CsI, LaBr3(Ce) (BrilLanCe) and X-ray spectra from proportional counters
  • Extensive master library contains all nuclides with half-life greater than 10 seconds; library easily edited by users
  • Available in English, French, and German
  • Lifetime free software updates from the developer
Figure 1: Fit to the multiplet around 356 keV in a spectrum from Ba-133 with SODIGAM
Figure 1: Fit to the multiplet around 356 keV in a spectrum from Ba-133 with SODIGAM



SODIGAM contains all options needed for quantitative spectrum analysis and nuclide assignment:
  • Selectable sensitivity in units of detection limits
  • FWHM function definition from measured peaks
  • Intrinsic FWHM function for NaI(Tl) spectra
  • Intrinsic FWHM function for LaBr3 spectra
  • Nonlinear energy calibration function
  • Efficiency via intrinsic function or polynomials
  • Consideration of external background interferences
  • Application libraries generated through excerpting
  • Decay correction and interference correction
  • Multiplet deconvolution with up to 28 components
  • Physical peak-shape description
  • Physical shape of baseline under peaks
  • Fuzzy-logic applied for various tasks
  • Very stable LSQ-fit without matrix inversion
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I/O Options

  • Six levels of increasing printout length
  • Storage of all results in a protocol file, ready for editing to needs
  • Directly spawns from within DPPMCA software
  • Writes spectra as ASCII files
  • Very detailed display of baseline, fitted functions and sum-function
  • Graphic images storable as Windows Meta File (spectrum and fits)
  • 15 units for activity (e.g. Bq, Bq/kg, Bq/l, Bq/m^3, ….)
  • Calculus window for calibration functions
  • Statistical calculations with uncertainties (Means, +, -, * and /)
  • Freely selectable color scheme of graphics window
  • Five user levels with password protection (for routine analyses)
  • HARDLOCK software protection unit


  • Manual describing all commands
  • Short manual for fast start-up
  • PDF manual files on CD or stick
  • Support available via phone, email, fax, and Skype

Specifications subject to change without notice.