Amptek highly recommends using the Professional version of any Microsoft operating system (Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro, etc.)


The (76MB zip file) contains all the Quick Start Guides, Manuals, and Application Notes found on the Amptek Installation CD.

Current Product Pages

DP5 Digital Pulse Processor Based Products

  • DP5
  • DP5G
  • PX5
  • MCA-8000D Multichannel Analyzer
  • X-123SDD (DP5 processor inside)
  • X-123 with Si-PIN (DP5 processor inside)
  • X-123CdTe (DP5 processor inside)
  • Gamma-Rad5 Scintillator (DP5G inside)
  • TB-5 Digital Tube Base (DP5G inside)

Mini-X X-Ray Tube

  • All versions of the Mini-X

Discontinued Product Pages

NOTE: All products in this category have been discontinued.

DP4 Digital Pulse Processor Based Products (Discontinued)

  • DP4
  • PX4
  • X-123 with Si-PIN and DP4 processor inside
  • X-123 with CdTe and DP4 processor inside
  • Gamma-Rad Scintillator with DP4 inside

MCA-8000A Multichannel Analyzer (Discontinued)

  • All versions of the MCA-8000A