X-123 X-Ray Detector System

These specially priced systems use X-123 electronics with various Amptek detectors. This is a complete detector system, nothing else is needed on the detector end. It does not include an x-ray tube or quantitative analysis software. The Amptek DPPMCA display and acquisition software and a software is included.

These are preconfigured systems that are ready to ship within 24 hours with credit card payment or pre-existing credit account. The specifications listed below are of the actual system that will be shipped. No substitutions. The Amptek standard 1 year warranty is included.

If an x-ray tube is needed please see the Mini-X.

If quantitative analysis software is needed please see the XRS-FP.

Please refer to the links below for complete specifications.

Currently Available Systems

System Number and X-123 S/N Detector Type Detector Area/Thickness Be Window Thickness Collimator Type Energy Resolution @ 5.9 keV with 32 μs Peaking Time Price ($)
 ZY-GSJ3AMD-G2SP,   S/N: X012663, Detector S/N: 858842  SDD  25 mm²/500 μm  0.5 mil Multilayer 131 eV FWHM $6,500
ZY-FSG3AMD-G3SP,  S/N: X013086, Detector S/N: 139853 Si-PIN 6 mm²/500 μm 1.0 mil Multilayer 150 eV FWHM $4,500
ZY-FSJ32MD-G3SP, S/N: X014687, Detector S/N: 161369 Si-PIN  25 mm²/500 μm  1.0 mil Multilayer 207 eV FWHM $4,500