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This page has three sections. The first section contains the specifications for all products in PDF format. The second section contains application notes, tutorials, and general resources in PDF format, and the third section contains general links.

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The documentation.zip (75MB) file contains all the Quick Start Guides, Manuals, and Application Notes found on the Amptek Installation CD.

Specifications (PDF)

X-Ray and Gamma Ray Detectors

Digital Pulse Processors

MCA-8000D Multichannel Analyzer

XRF-FP Quantitative Analysis Software

X-Ray Generators

Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers&
Front-End Electronics (Hybrids)


Amptek Product Summary 2015 October

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Application Notes, Tutorials, and Additional Information

NEW! Introduction to XRF Series

X-ray Fluorescence Tutorials

General Tutorials

Si-PIN and SDD X-Ray Detectors

CdTe X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detectors

Gamma-Rad Scintillation Detector

Digital Pulse Processors

Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers &
Front-End Electronics (Hybrids)

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Software