Please have the model and serial numbers of your Amptek device(s) available when contacting Amptek for technical support.

Prior to contacting Amptek, please follow our troubleshooting instructions.

If you have one of the following products, please use the Amptek DPPMCA software (or its predecessor, ADMCA, as appropriate) to acquire a spectrum and send a saved .mca file to Amptek:

How to save and email .mca files and diagnostic data to Amptek

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the DPPMCA software.
  2. Power on your device in accordance with its instructions
  3. Connect your device with your PC, and connect with the software
  4. Click “Help”, then “About DPPMCA”.
  5. Click the “Request Diagnostics ” button.  Diagnostic data will be dumped into the box; this includes a hex dump of the configuration memory.  Select all these values, copy them (Ctrl-C), and save them in a text file.  Notepad is a convenient editor.
  6. Click “OK” and close out of “About”.
  7. Acquire a spectrum for approximately 30 seconds; if there is no spectrum displayed, still save the file as it will contain important information about the system that will help Amptek troubleshoot the problem
  8. Go to the File menu and select Save As to save the .mca file.
  9. Email both the .mca file and the diagnostic text file to

Email (sales and technical support):

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