All Amptek x-ray detector elements are available in the XR-100, X-123, or OEM configurations.


The XR-100 configuration includes the detector and preamplifier only and must be paired with the PX5 Digital Pulse Processor, MCA, and Power Supply to be a complete system (or the DP5/PC5 OEM processor and power supply). The XR-100/PX5 combination is the most flexible and is designed for laboratory and research use. The PX5 can be used with other detectors, including from other manufacturers.


The X-123 includes the detector, digital pulse processor, MCA, and power supply all in one box, and is a complete system. The X-123 configuration is ideal for OEM bench-top and custom applications where size, portability, and speed to market are considerations.


For hand-held and custom OEM applications, other configurations are available.

Figure 1. The XR-100/PX5 configuration.
X-123SDD X-Ray Detector System
Figure 2. The X-123 configuration.
PA-230 Housing
Figure 3. OEM configuration.
Detector Type
Window Options
Guaranteed Energy Resolution
eV FWHM @ 5.9 keV*
Peak to Background Ratio*
XR-100 Part Number X-123 Part Number
6mm2/500 µm
0.5 or 1.0 mil Be
139 – 159 eV
32 µs Peaking Time
P/B Ratio: 19000/1 (typical)
XY-FSG32MD-G3SP (1 mil Be)
XY-FSG32MD-G2SP (0.5 mil Be)
ZY-FSG32MD-G3SP (1 mil Be)
ZY-FSG32MD-G2SP (0.5 mil Be)
13mm2/500 µm
1.0 mil Be
180 – 205 eV
32 µs Peaking Time
P/B Ratio: 4100/1 (typical)
XY-FS432MD-G3SP (1 mil Be) ZY-FS432MD-G3SP (1 mil Be)
25mm2/500 µm
1.0 mil Be
190 – 225 eV
32 µs Peaking Time
P/B Ratio: 2000/1 (typical)
XY-FSJ32MD-G3SP (1 mil Be) ZY-FSJ32MD-G3SP (1 mil Be)
25mm2/500 µm
0.3 or 0.5 mil Be
125 – 135 eV
11.2 µs Peaking Time
P/B Ratio: >20000/1 (typical)
XY-GSH3AMD-G2SP (0.5 mil Be)
XY-GSH3AMD-G1SP (0.3 mil Be)
ZY-GSH3AMD-G2SP (0.5 mil Be)
ZY-GSH3AMD-G1SP (0.3 mil Be)
25mm2/500 µm
0.3 or 0.5 mil Be
C1 or C2 Si3N4
122 – 129 eV
4 µs Peaking Time
P/B Ratio: >20000/1 (typical)
XY-HSH3AMD-G2SP (0.5 mil Be)
XY-HSH3AMD-G1SP (0.3 mil Be)
ZY-HSH3AMD-G2SP (0.5 mil Be)
ZY-HSH3AMD-G1SP (0.3 mil Be)
70mm2/500 µm
0.5 mil Be or C2 Si3N4
123 – 135 eV
4 µs Peaking Time
P/B Ratio: >20000/1 (typical)
XY-HS63AMD-Y2SP (0.5 mil Be)
ZY-HS63AMD-Y2SP (0.5 mil Be)

*All results are under full detector cooling; please Contact Us to discuss guaranteed performance under different operating conditions. The Peak to Background (P/B) Ratio is the ratio of counts from 5.9 keV to 2 keV for 13 and 25 mm2 Si-PIN, and 5.9 keV to 1 keV for all SDDs and 6 mm2 Si-PIN.

The user should not only consider resolution in selecting a detector, but also area, thickness, throughput, and peak to background.


Figure 4. Resolution vs. Peaking Time for Si-PIN and SDD Detectors. Peaking time is approximately 2.4 x shaping time.


Selection Guide in PDF format


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